4 October 2022

Is there any risk of pregnancy if my boyfriend came on my butt?

So basically my boyfriend and I we were having “””sex”””” I was naked and all fourths and he was rubbing his you know with my ass, he had his boxers on, and t-shirt long enough to cover his penis. He was humping my butt and he said “hold on” and after like 3 seconds he came. Nothing entered my vagina and I didn’t help anything dripping on my ass, my question is. Is there any risk of pregnancy? I wasn’t ovulating that day also. I have POS but I’m still a little afraid.


Émilie Grandmont



Thank’s for reaching out to our team!


I would say that my answer really depends on a small detail you didn’t mention. When you say that he had his boxers on while rubbing his penis on your butt, then he came, where did his ejaculation go exactly? Did he come on your butt, without his boxers? Or did he come inside his boxers? 

The difference is, if he came on your butt, there might be a slight chance that his sperm entered in contact with your vulva, which might have entered your vagina. But you said that you didn’t feel anything dripping, so I don’t think he did. 

If he ejaculated inside his boxers (and maybe with his t-shirt on top), the chances that the sperm went through his clothes and all the way to your vagina are even lower.


So my answer would be that, either way, because you didn’t feel sperm dripping on you and because you were not ovulating, the possibility of being pregnant is really low, but even lower if he still had his clothes on top.

Still, if you want to be really sure, the best way to know is by taking a pregnancy test that you can buy at any pharmacies, clinics, health centers, etc. I would also recommend you for next time to use a condom even if you don’t plan on having penetrative sex, it would be a better method than wearing boxers to avoid any unwanted pregnancy. 🙂


I hope this answered your question! Feel free to contact us again anytime.


Émilie (elle/she), for AlterHéros