Can I get pregnant if I was on top of my bf but we both wore clothes

Can I get pregnant if I was on top of my bf but we both wore clothes

Sandrine Isabelle (elle/iel)

Hi Julie!


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If I understand correctly, you are wondering about the possibility of a potential pregnancy if you you rub your genitals with your boyfriend’s with your clothes on.

For a pregnancy to occur, several conditions must be met. First, an egg must be released from an ovary and travel to the fallopian tube. Then, sperm must enter the vagina so that the sperm cells it contains can reach the egg. Finally, a sperm cell must enter the egg to fertilize it, and the cell created by the combination of the sperm and the egg must implant in the uterus. You can watch this video to learn more about the fertilization process. You can also check out this resource to help you better understand the anatomical concepts I’m talking about.

In the situation you described, since you were both wearing clothes, the chances of sperm entering the vagina and pregnancy occurring are very low. The best way to be sure would be to take a pregnancy test and consult a healthcare professional in needed. You can also consult one of the Family Planning Association of India clinics to learn more about contraception options and what to do in case of pregnancy.

Finally, I encourage you to use a condom during your future sexual encounters as it is a reliable way to reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections when used correctly. Here is a guide on how to use a condom.


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