Is there a chance that I might be having a cryptic pregnancy?

My boyfriend rubbed his penis on my vagina and ive been having regular periods for almost 9 months now except the last two months i got my period earlier is there a chance that i might be having a cryptic pregnancy i am so worried

Émilie Grandmont

Hi Celine,


Thanks for your question. 

First, let’s talk about the probability of getting pregnant from rubbing. When a penis is rubbed on a vulva, without penetration, nor ejaculation, the possibility of a pregnancy is very low, but not entirely impossible. This very slight chance comes from the presence of pre-cum near the vagina. As my colleague Sophie says in this previous answer:

This liquid is not the same as sperm, both in its coloration (transparent instead of opaque and white) and in its content and purpose. This liquid’s purpose is to prepare the way for if-and-when sperm comes out and it doesn’t contain any spermatozoa by itself. It is, in theory, possible for pre-cum to contain a small quantity of spermatozoa, if one has had a very recent ejaculation. Even then, the concentration would be very small and they wouldn’t last long. Without sperm, they die off quickly (they’re not very resilient) and without penetration and an ejaculation, their chances of reaching an ovum is almost nil.”

But, because it takes only one good spermatozoon to reach an ovum, we can’t say this is 100% impossible.

However, because you mention that your periods have been regular for 9 months and because cryptic pregnancies that occur until labor are very rare, I would say that it is extremely unlikely that you’re pregnant. Not only are regular periods a good sign of non-pregnancy, they also do not occur in a cryptic pregnancy, during which only light bleeding or spotting may happen.

So, considering all the factors, you don’t have to worry about a possible pregnancy.


I hope this answered your question. Feel free to contact us again anytime.

Émilie (she/they), for AlterHéros