28 July 2023

Is my girlfriend pregnant?

Is my girlfriend pregnant?

My girlfriend and I recently had sex where I was wearing compression shorts and she was naked, it appears the penis entered the vagina some and the shorts were wet for either me or her. I didn’t finish inside her but a little clear liquid came out or pre-ejaculation during and see the small stains on the shorts afterward. She also told me she was around her ovulation period. 

What are the changes of her getting pregnant?

Thank you!


Hi Andrew,


I want to begin by saying that I appreciate you coming to us with your concerns, and I understand that these topics can be sensitive and anxiety-inducing. As a volunteer counselor my role is to provide guidance and support, but I am not a medical professional. However, I can offer some general information that might help you understand the situation better.

  1. Pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) can contain sperm: Even if you didn’t ejaculate fully, pre-ejaculate can sometimes contain sperm leftover from a previous ejaculation if you didn’t pee between your last ejaculation and your sexual intercourse with your girlfriend. It only takes a small number of sperm to fertilize an egg.
  2. Ovulation increases the chances of pregnancy: If your girlfriend was around her ovulation period, she was more likely to be fertile. Ovulation is the time when the egg is released from the ovary and is available for fertilization.
  3. Sperm survival: Sperm can live inside a woman’s reproductive tract for several days, and during ovulation, the chances of conception are higher due to the presence of a mature egg.
  4. Clothing as a barrier: While wearing compression shorts might provide some barrier, it’s not a reliable method of contraception.

Overall, there is a low chance of pregnancy in the scenario you described. It might be difficult for the sperm to travel through your shorts, but if your penis entered your girlfriend’s vagina, even with your shorts on, they won’t act as a good barrier. But, because there’s only a small chance for the precum to contain any sperm, the possibility of a pregnancy remains really low. However, any possibility of pregnancy should be taken seriously. If you and your girlfriend are concerned about the possibility of pregnancy, consider taking a pregnancy test or consult a healthcare professional for advice on emergency contraception or other options. Remember that open communication with your partner is crucial when it comes to sexual health and decisions regarding contraception.


Take care,