#gender identity
11 October 2022

I think I'm having a gender crisis...

So i think im having a gender crisis i think. So I don’t identify with the gender I have been assigned at birth (female). So let me try explain, I identify more with males but not entirely, though. But I don’t feel comfortable with femme or feminine pronouns, words, or complements, in general, either. So i stick with male or non-binary names or pronouns. But i don’t want to stop being feminine, so i brought it down to my own phrase, “I want to feel pretty like a man but handsome/dashing/magnificent like a woman but not women” I realize that this phrase is kinda confusing for some ppl, so i hope you understand. But like I don’t mind but do mind my chest but my entire body; if I could character customize it I would.


I feel like this doesn’t make any sense, but i tried my best to explain. Sorry if it’s confusing my brain process can over or under-explain things.




I think what you’re saying makes a lot of sense actually. Gender is complicated and messy and fun and terrible. Sometimes masculinity can be feminine and vice versa. You can have feminine/masculine/neutral appearance and pronouns without it being directly linked to your gender. Your chest doesn’t have to mean anything or make you uncomfortable, and yet sometimes it can.


That’s kinda the thing as well, you can character customize to an extent. You can shave half your hair and grow out the other, paint your nails, wear a binder or microdose hormones. There are many options depending on what you’re looking for. You can try some things and see how it feels.


I do notice your choice of word, gender crisis, it yes can be very stressful and scary at times. It can be amazing and euphoric at other times. I hope you get more of the other kind soon.


Take care, and feel free to ask if you have more questions,


Maxim·e, intervention worker for AlterHéros

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