7 July 2002

Solitary Pleasure

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

Since we were small, each one of us has followed a path discovering, little by little, our bodies and the various ways we can get pleasure from it.

It is common for babies or young children to notice and cheerfully touch their penis or vulva in public. It is a normal part of them and their developing anatomy.

It is important that one explains to the child that there is nothing dirty in this activity. Do not make him or her feel guilty. They will continue to learn about their bodies with proper regard.

If the child has a tendency to masturbate all day long, in front of everyone complete with obscene remarks and gestures not normal for his or her age, it is important to pay attention. Such behaviour could be considered pathological.

One could, in some cases, conclude that it is a sign of sexual abuse. (I stress the ‘one could' here). But this is in extreme cases and fortunately rare. If you are worried, however, you can consult a child psychiatrist who will confirm or cancel your fears.

Masturbation is a process by which you discover parts of your body and the various sensations connected. It also enables you to learn how to control your own sexual reactions.

Each man and woman has his or her own way of masturbating, according to fantasies, a quiet moment maybe, thinking about ‘vice' or in a group…

Masturbation isn't always solitary. A number of partners like to enter into mutual masturbation. It certainly isn't obligatory to having a full sex life, but you could be open and begin with your partner.

For an adolescent, discovering his or her body and bombarded with sexual instincts, masturbation forms an integral part of development.

It isn't rare for teenagers to masturbate five times, eight times or more a day, locked in the toilets at college, university or work. There is nothing abnormal about this, it calms down when they find a partner to satisfy their impulses!

A man , in the majority of cases, masturbates by taking his penis in his hand and carrying out and up and downwards movement. He can also put it flat on his belly and rub it on the bed or use a sex toy or nipple clamps.

There are different ways, we are all different.

A woman usually prefers to touch her clitoris, slowly then rapidly accelerating the movement. She can have her legs tightened, the hand blocked on her sex or legs open. Some say masturbating whiles lying on one's belly brings more pleasure.

Some women achieve pleasure whiles rubbing against the bed or a pillow, massaging the nipples or by stimulating the clitoris with their fingers or by using a sex toy. Once again there are no secrets, we are all different.

If you are in a couple or a single person, listen to be loud and clear – it does not make you deaf! So enjoy life and your body without feeling guilty!