10 May 2002

Making Your Mark As a Queer Person

Making Your Mark As a Queer Person

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Being a gay individual within the community is a challenge. When dealing with a pre-configured stereotype mainly based on the straight societies perceptions, making your mark on the world can be somewhat difficult.
Many gay people have created themselves personalities and identities within their own culture. You have the dolled-up drag queens well known for their ludicrous and offbeat behaviour. There are performers and writers, artists and actors, all well known to gay people themselves. But what do you do when you want to expand your horizons and breakthrough to a much wider audience like the straight population?
Gaining respect and honour is going to be a slow climb uphill. Queer people unfortunately have the burden of their own sexuality riding on their backs. To make such a momentous impact on a somewhat fearful and unaccommodating society, there is going to be plenty of battles to trudge through. Criticism and judgment being two of the worst.
Battling for fame and respect is going to take a strong-willed determination and an ever-growing courage.It is really saddening that because of someone’s sexuality, it is harder to attain notoriety in his or her field of expertise.
If you’re gay and talented, you are going to have to work twice as hard to build up your name. You will need to prove that you are the best of the best, better than the rest, at the same time keeping a level head and breaking through the stereotypes and criticism.
People will judge your ability like they do with other celebrities, but it will be more intense and critical. In the world of stardom, peoples’ private lives and actions are carefully watched. If you make a risqué choice or you have a controversial issue attached to your name, the media will hound you and make your life difficult to live. But remember, everything can be overcome.
There are a number of gay celebrities already involved into the straight culture. They range from actors and singers to sports men and women. They are there making a name for themselves and have all had to face negative issues pertaining to their sexual preference. But they’ve done it, and so can you!
I think that one of the three most pleasing things about making it to the top would be that after being faced with such challenging odds, you’ve finally attained what you set out to achieve. The second would be your power to move and influence the straight culture. Imagine how many peoples’ point of view you could alter to create a more welcoming society for LGBTQ persons.
The third (which I believe would be the most gratifying) is your ability to give younger queer people the inspiration and encouragement they need to make their own voice heard. Having gay role models, as a form of motivation will help more and more young gays get out there and give their best in everything.
So get out there and give it all you’ve got! It will definitely be rewarding in the end!

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