14 January 2003

Is anal penetration dangerous?

am 21 years old, I am gay and single. I would like to know if practising sodomy can lead to negative circumstances, and if I should stop introducing objects into the anus. I do not want to appear obscene: I am afraid of any negative predicaments in the future resulting from this type of practice. Is sodomy considered as a good or bad practice for the body? Is it dangerous? Thank you!

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

Hello Eric,

Anal penetration (or sodomy), is not dangerous and will not lead to negative long-term effects when it is practised safely while taking the necessary precautions. Of course, you must be prudent about the types of objects that you insert into the rectum. For example, the use of objects that are difficult to remove thereafter is not recommended. The use of objects that are too big or are badly prepared/manufactured are not recommended and it is not recommended to insert or remove objects to quickly or abruptly since it could be dangerous tearing the anus. Physically and mentally preparing yourself for the act of anal penetration is important and only you know how your body reacts or will respond to anal penetration. Some people are incapable of practising it while others take a great deal of pleasure practising anal penetration. The practice of anal penetration doesn’t lead to incontinence or the permanent dilation of the sphincter.

It is also necessary that you disinfect the objects that you use before and after practising anal penetration. With respect to accessories made of metal, such as breast clamps and cockrings, to disinfect them, the objects must be boiled in hot water or they must be cleaned with 70% alcohol.

For articles made of rubber and/or leather (cockring, sleeve of whip, etc.), if they came in contact with blood or the semen, you must clean them using a proper disinfectant (indicating that it’s safe to use it with these materials). Generally speaking, if you must use an accessory that cannot be disinfected or cleaned, then only you and you alone should use that object. If you use sexual toys with one or several partners, it is very important to ask them to bring their own accessories and to use their own accessories.

Anal penetration is neither a good nor a bad practice, it depends on each individual !

We repeat, it is necessary to be prudent with the objects that are used and to respect your physical limits.


AlterHeros Team