2 September 2005

I'm always depressed, I feel alone. Please help me

I’m a bachelor, after college life is not working properly. I have started working and I’m always depressed, I feel alone. I always end up masturbating in this depression. I am not a very healthy looking and I feel week all the time please help me.

JP Duc


Your question seams to be beyond just sexual orientation, you bring elements of depression and psychological health to your question.

We at Alterheros are an educational website about sexual orientation and sexual diversity. We strongly recommend that people facing difficult situations in their life like depression be diagnosed and helped or followed by a certified professional.

It is important to realize when feeling depressed, sleeping badly, have no appetite or a desire to isolate yourself, that you should seek help. According to your question you have taken the first step, the step of realization that there is a problem. We recommend you to seek help now, to talk to a trusted person you know, go and to see a councilor or try to find a community center in your area where they offer psychological services.

Wish you all the best,