I like this guy and I don't know what to do !

I like a guy @ school, like really like him…a lot. and i don’t know what to do. i know i am gay but i have no clue if he is. How can i tell if a guy likes me? How can i come out to him? And how can i tell him i like him?

sabrina prégent

Hello Simon,

If you pay attention to his body language (eyes, smile or not, nervous moves, face’s expressions, the way and the frequency he touches you, body’s position, etc), you maybe will find severals signs that can help you guess how he feels about you. However, it is sometimes difficult to interpret those signs and there’s always a possibility of being mistaken.

For the beginning, you can ask him to meet you out of the school (cinema, for a coffee, a sport…) to do an activity that you two are interested about. An activity that allows you to talk can be a good choice; each will know more of the other. Moreover, you can guide the conversation to your sexual orientation, or to something related to sexual orientation (for example, a TV show that you have seen, or a debate on same-sex marriage), and see how he reacts…

It is hard to tell you exactly what to do or what to say because every person is different. It can seem typical but be yourself and honest with him, in addition of talking with your heart. Attraction is a strange and a pleasant feeling that can make you shy and confuse, but he will understand you if he feels the same.

Anyway, it is better to try than to never do a move because it is this way that you have a chance of find someone who has the same feellings than you. Good luck Simon and if you want it, give news of you to AlterHeros.