17 February 2009

I don't know if this guy is attracted to me !

Dear Experts,
I really like this site. It’s great. I really need your advice. There this guy in my school and I really think he’s cute. I always see him in the school but he never noticed me until a few days ago. There some clues he might can be attracted by from me?
1. I was in my gym classroom and he was waiting his friend and he stared at me two times.
2. I was in the hallway and he stared at me like he was embarrassed by from me.
3. I was in my classroom and he was waiting his friend he stared at me like he was amazed by from me.
4. Four days ago, I was in my classroom again and he stared at me a lot of times.
What this means? Does he’s attracted by from me or something else?
Thank you so much!

François Paquette

Hi “needadvice”,

Thanks for writing to us. So, there is a guy in your High School, that you think he might be attracted to you ; but you are not sure. He stared at you a lot of times in the last days, and you don’t know what that means.

The problem is that it can mean a lot of things. He might be interested in knowing you more ; but he can also find you cute, but already be in a relationship, so not being able to go further with you. I would think that right now, your best move could be to start to know him better. Try to be in situations that you can talk to him, and try to discover more who he is. Maybe you have common friends that can help you know more about him. Or try to learn about activities that he is doing, and see if you can go too…

Remember that you don’t have to wait that he comes to you… you can do a part of the road too !

Good luck !

François, for AlterHeros.