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27 December 2005

I am lonely and I don't know where to meet other people

hey there…
kk..im 15..just moved to montreal and am dying of loneliness.
i need to meet other gay guys..i am really depressed because i am so lonely. i dont know where to look to meet others. but i really need it. i cant take being alone anymore. its killing me. it affects every aspect of my life. i cant study cause i feel like crap all the time. i have no one i can talk. it would be much appreciated if you could provide me with any resources to help solve me poblem..thanks a million

François Paquette

Hi Jay !

Thanks for your question. It is always difficult to move from one city to another, and I understand that your loneliness can be a very bad feeling. Here is a ressource : Project 10. They offer afternoon hangout, where you can go and meet some LGBTQ people around your age.

If you understand french, there is also Jeunesse Lambda, offering services as well.

Hope that will help !

Write back for any other information

François, for AlterHeros