I am attracted to a girl and I'm confused.

I have never been attracted to women before, but recently I met this girl at work, and I feel like I’m wanting to have physical relations with her. i think she’s so attractive and sweet and smart, i have dreamed about her a few times, and was almost disappointed to wake up. I get the feeling she might be bi, could this really be just a fantasy? I’m 26 and married with 2 children, and so confused…


Hi Jessica !

Thanks for your question. Being attracted to a woman doesn’t make you gay or bi or anything. It could just be fantasy, it could be that you’re attracted to women and men,  or just to women. If you feel like you want to have a physical relationship with this woman, that is your choice to make. Maybe if you feel comfortable you can talk to her about your attraction? Keep in mind though that work relationships have a way of being made public, something you may or may not feel comfortable with.

Good Luck !

Roger – for AlterHeros team