7 July 2007

I always look at girls' bodies - am I a lesbian ?

Ok, so there have been many questions asked based on questioning sexuality, but I want to ask that question based on what I feel. So, I think I may be a lesbian because in school, I always stare at girls’ butts, and sometimes look at there boobs when I’m talking to them. I am attracted to girls more then guys, and like seeing two girls kissing. I also have dreams about me being with my best girlfriends. I have had one relationship, and it was with a guy. I didn’t really like him that much, and when we made out I thought about other things, and didn’t like kissing him. I can picture myself with other girls, kinda, and like movies about queer love. Please give me advice.

François Paquette

Hi Elizabeth!

Thanks for your question! You seem to understand well your attractions about girls and the fact that you are less attracted to guys. But the question you asked was about how you were feeling for girls. Did you have any emotional attraction to a girl in particular? Because you can be attracted to girls but not having found yet someone that was compatible with you…

Also, you are not obliged to define yourself right now. You can be lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual, and until you are not sure of your self-definition, just be “yourself”! And you can be “yourself” for life! Some people find it easier to live with a definition, others don’t. Both are ok!

Hope it helps,

François, for AlterHeros