23 March 2009

How do I win her affection quickly?

Well I like this girl and I like her so much, I would maybe have to say that I love her. But we really don’t talk to each other. I’m almost 13 I’m in 7th grade and and also the girl I like. She 12 and almost 13 too. A lot of other kids like her too and including my best friend but you can tell that she really doesn’t like him but he is always telling me that she likes him but she doesn’t even smile at him. So we have only said hi to each other one time. I really need some advice fast before someone takes her away and we don’t have any classes together

Hillary Greer

Hi Walter. Thanks for sending in your question!

It’s always stressful when someone we have strong feelings for seems so unattainable . This would be especially difficult with the sort of competition that seems to be happening between you and your friend about this girl. I understand why you seem to be feeling pressured to act fast, because at any moment your opportunity might have passed. So Walter, my suggestion to you is to start communicating with this girl! You said you’ve only said hi to each other once. If you want to get to know someone and have them notice you, then talking to them more is a good place to start! This will not only make her notice you more, but it will give you each the chance to learn more about each other and find out if you have anything in common.

This can seem like a scary thing to do, but sometimes you have to challenge yourself if you want to make things happen! If she starts being mean to you just because you try to be her friend and talk to her, then maybe she isn’t the kind of girl you thought she was and isn’t someone that you want to get involved with.

Good luck!

Hillary, for Alterheros