12 July 2005

I'm having a crush on another bisexual girl. How can I know if she likes me?

I am a bisexual girl, started havin feelings for girls about 2 months ago i really love guys but i am attracted to some girls, specially this one girl shes bisexual too and she looks at me and smile at me a lot, how do i know if she likes me and what can i do because i want to talk to her


Hello Katherine!

Thank you for sharing your question with us! First of all, have you ever talked to this girl? When did you start looking at each other? Regardless of the answers to these questions, the only way to know if she likes you is to go see by yourself. Go talk to her and try to know her a little more. When you’re more at ease with her, try to talk about more intimate stuff like “are you really attracted to girls?”, “do you have a girlfriend right now?” or “do you focus on someone right now?” While talking to her, look at her in the eyes, watch her verbal reaction and most importantly, his non verbal reaction. You can also tell her that you are attracted to her and see how she reacts. If she’s really into you, you’re gonna know by her reaction. If not, then you can know it too. It can be disappointing but if you don’t take risks by trying to talk to her or know her better, you’ll never know if she could’ve been the right person for you. Also, that doesn’t mean that this girl could never be a good friend for you after that when the smoke clears.

I want to wish you good luck and if you have more questions in the near future, feel free to e-mail us again!