3 January 2006

Friends or lovers ?

Friends or lovers?, A few days ago i visited my high school friend, we have always had this weird relationship where she tells me when she feels jealous, how great i am, and how she loves me and loves spend every second with me, even though we haven’t been together in almost 5 years.
We finally after some drinks started kissing each other for the first time and I felt suprisingly great and very into that, we then started touching each other and talking about living together in another country but after all this, a few hours later she tells me she only wants to be my friend, she doesn’t want anything with me, so i backed off without saying a word, but wanted to touch her all the time, and then again she approched me and started kissing me, but then says we are only friends, so how i am supposed to do? i ask her but she says she sees me as her friend.
What could she be feeling or how do i treat her?

sabrina prégent

Hello Karem,

Do you have sexual attraction for her? Is she more than a friend for you? Friendship can be a very intense thing, but this seems to be a disstressing relationship.

It is hard to know what she feels, because when you asked her, she answered that you are just a friend for her. Maybe it is really how she sees you. In other hand, maybe she is just afraid of being in love with a girl. Do you know how she defines her sexual orientation ? The best thing to do it is to talk to her about your relationship, and about sexual orientation. I know you already did it but you have to chose if this relationship is very important for you and if it is love or friendship that you want with her. What you will do if she sees you as a friend only? Will you continue to see her as a friend? If it seems to be too difficult for you to be friends without having more, it may be a good time to reconsider this relationship, to avoid you from suffering.

AlterHeros wish you a happy new year to you, your family and your friends.