15 February 2022

Does it make you gay to have sex with another guy?

does it make you gay if at 13 i sucked my friends penis and he sucked me off also we used to beatoff togeather for couple years then started sucking each other off ,and does it mean anything if i eat my own cum ?

My friend and I will order y’all for 12I started masturbating together and then a year later we’re starting fucking each other off Does that make me gay I like when it came, Then does it make you gay If you would like to You like being your own your own cum



Hi Seth!

Thanks for reaching out! I’m not sure I understand every word in that last sentence, but basically I think you’re asking wether you could be gay because you gave and received oral sex with one of your male friend. Is that right?

Well, being gay means being attracted to people of the same gender, that is, wanting to have sexual and romantic relationship with other men if you are a man. It’s really about desire and interest more than experience. Lots of people try sex with someone of their gender during adolescencejust to see what it feels likewhat other bodies look like, or just for fun, without necessarily wanting to go much further. That experimentation and any enjoyment you might have felt, is normal and doesn’t your sexual orientation in stone forever.

In other wordsyou can taste your own cum and like it, you can masturbate with a friend, and yes, you can even suck dick and have your dick sucked and at the end of the day identify as straight, bisexual or gay. You get to choose the words that best describe your sexual attractions and behaviors most times. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of those sex act nor with those words.

Now, that being said, I do want to insist that being gay or bi isn’t a bad thing. Regardless of what you might’ve heardif you end up discovering an attraction to men, its alright (Great even!), you would still be able to find a partner and have a happy healthy life, however you define that. I swear attraction to men is nothing to be afraid of.

If anything in my answer isn’t clear or if you have more questions please feel free to send us another email!

Take care and have fun.

Maxime, intervention worker for AlterHeros

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