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I feel more comfortable around women than men. Am I ...

How do I know if I'm straight and only feel threatened by men because of the experiences,I've seen, of other women at the hands of abusive men? How do I know if I'm genuinely attracted to women and not just because they are non-threatening? I'm a 25 year old female and have never been in a relationship. I've seen many abusive relationships between heterosexual couples, and the idea of being physically intimate with a man scares me. So each time someone expresses interest in me I shut them down. More recently, I've thought that I may be a lesbian because I'm more comfortable around women and spend more time with women than men. The only men that I feel comfortable with are men who have character traits typically associated with women and men that are openly gay. I am very close to my female friends and now feel self-aware when I'm with them because of the possibility of being attracted to them. Is there any way to know if I'm straight, a lesbian or bisexual?

Can I be a transwoman and a tomboy ?

Hi I am biologically male but have gender issues and confusion. All my life I felt something was "off" and felt very alienated and most of the time hated myself. I managed to come by though, I presented as a guy as much as I could, despite constantly second guessing my actions ("I wonder if I'm considered male enough if I do this?"). Despite liking girls I've always been a bit confused about my sexuality. Even though I jokingly identified myself as a lesbian female for a long part of my life, I realize now how true these feelings are. I've never shown blatant transsexuality, I've never put make-up on, I've never dressed except in private (shamefully)... I used my penis normally. So I'm really confused if I can still be transsexual but not like makeup or feminine clothes like all the classic cases... it wouldn't be "me"... In the correct life for me, I'd have been a tomboy femme lesbian. I really HATE being male now, and I'm getting more and more depressed, almost suicidal :(

I’m afraid my boyfriend will act out his fantasies!

Hi. I have been in a relationship with my BF for 2 yrs and in the last year have discovered his desire for tr*nnies. (women with penises) He's been watching tr*nny porn for 8 yrs. and also watches hetero porn, and bdsm porn. (we also have BDSM scenes where I'm the Domme and usually have a strap-on on; which I of course love) I for some reason am uncomfortable with his tr*nny desires. I think I feel threatened by them and fear I will lose him to a tr*nny if he acted on his urges/fantasies (which I believe he wants to) We have discussed this and he claims to desire the taboo and doesn't need to act on it. I want to know if I should just let him find a tr*nny to put his fantasies to reality or just leave it behind a screen? I fear that he will want to act on it eventually anyway but if he does I will want to leave. He also claims he is not bi, but would like a 3some w another guy where he would be "forced" by me to suck the guy off. That sounds bi. Does it mean he is?What's your advice?

I get more excited about women, but would prefer to ...

About a year ago, I began to be attracted to gay men, in looks and stereotypical personalities, and watching them "do stuff" turns me on. I became sort of obsessed with the gay community and started watching logo, reading gay books, etc, and standing up for gay rights whenever it's mentioned. I thought I was a little weird, but still considered myself straight, just something of a "fag-hag". But, lately, I've found myself more attracted to women than guys. When I think of women, I tend to get more excited than I do with men, but I like the idea of a bf more than a gf. I feel like a total hypocrite saying this, but I'm terrified of the thought that I might be a lesbian. I've always hidden my "gay obsession" from my dad because I know how he'd react, but my mom knows and she asked me once if I was a lesbian and I gave her a definite "no". I feel like I'd be betraying her if I decided I was. I'm very shy and have never had a boyfriend, crush, or male friend since I was 7. What do (...)

How do I reconcile my queer alliance while converting to ...

I am dating a muslim man and have a gay dad. I was raised as an Ally and can't see myself ever turning my back to the people who raised me. Nor would my boyfriend want me too. However, he could also never turn his back to his family, which would mean he could not marry me unless I converted. For quite some time now I have looked into Islam and I truly fell in love with it, but I cannot seem to be able to make my love for Islam and my loyalty to the queer community work together. Is there any Imam out there that I could contact to find answers to my questions?

Is she just being nice to me? I’m sure she’s ...

Hello, i just wanted to, well explain my problem becaume i have no one really to tell - scared of hatred of rejection. Im straight, and always have been, until this girl came into year 10, and ever since i'v been confused! Shes popular, pretty and basically a bad rebel. Shes obviously straight but its just the things she sometimes do that makes me wonder, she makes me so nervous as well. Every science she walks dead close to me when theres loads of space around her, i see her sometimes watching me in that lesson too. Past english she put her hands around my waist to get past, but she wouldnt, definitely wouldnt do that to other people. i've hardly ever spoken to her yet she drives me insane with this confusion! i try to convince myself she may like me a little, but when i see myself and her friends, i think, why would she like me out of all her pretty friends? maybe shes just being nice to me? Thank you, chloe.

My friend and i like each other but now her ...

When I moved here from California, I didn't have many friends because I was quiet and my now best friend, Victoria, was one of the first people to befriend me. Over the past few years i've been become attrcted to her as more than a friend. I had let her know and we talked about and she said that she had been having the same feelings. The problem is that I had confronted her too late. She now has a boyfriend whom she says she loves very much, and I know I should be happy for her, but everytime I get near her, her boyfriend starts getting really physical and won' even let me hug her. I want to stay friends with her, but it hurts me to be around her when he's there. And he's ALWAYS there, so I never get a second alone to talk to her. I've always liked boys, never girls, so his is really hard for me and I'm afraid if I tell her what I think of her bf, she'll be mad at me and I really don't want to lose her.

I imagine myself as a lesbian – am I transsexual?

Hey, I'm  a 15 year old male and I'm really confused. I have always considered myself a normal boy, as a kid I liked playing with action figures and plastic army men. I have always been moderately masculine, and I'm comfortable with my gender. I've never had any homosexual thoughts. However, when I fantasize, nothing is as pleasuring to me as imagining that I am a lesbian, usually the one being dominated. I do get aroused by boy/girl fantasies (As long as I'm the boy, rather than some stranger). I don't have any desire to dress in womens clothing, but I did once when I was a kid. I'm comfortable with my body. The only problem is that I fantasize about being a lesbian. Am I transsexual? Thanks for the help. P.S Holy crap is there something wrong with the validation code? It took my like 30 tries to get it right.