Will I be able to have a solid relationship ?

Hi Eric !

Thanks for your question.

You seem to have done a very big reflexion about your sexual orientation, and you now know more what you want – your sexual attraction for men, and sexual and emotionnal attraction for women.

Heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual people are confronted to the same problem as you : how can you have a solid relationship when there are plenty possibilities out there ?

There is not one answer to that question. For some people, monogamy is the best thing : you have a very intimate relationship with only one person, and no one else. There are homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual people who have chosen this option. That can be a little difficult, because we live in a very seductive world, but if it is your goal, you can do the efforts. And yes, there are bisexuals who are monogamous. They can be attracted to both sexes, but choose to be with one person at the time.

But, there are other people (of all sexual orientations) who don’t feel comfortable with the concept of monogamy. There are various types of “open” relationships, each one has its own rules.

You’re at the beginning of your sexual life, it may appear important for you to explore your sexuality. Also, you may have not met the “right person” for you… take your time !


François, for AlterHeros

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