Is it okay if my mother still breastfeeds me at my age ?

Hi Ryan,

At your age, it is perfectly normal to feel attracted by someone else, in your case, by a woman. There is also nothing wrong with fantasising while masturbating, it is quite normal. What can be concerning in your case is that the feeling you describe in your letter are felt for your mom. Because you see her naked and you get very close to her as she breastfeeds you it is normal that you get mixed feelings. I understand that it is very confusing. When we are very close to one of our parent sometimes we find ourselves “ falling in love” with them. But usually those feelings do not last. If they do, then I hope you will consider changing some of your habits.

At your age, breastfeeding is not a necessity. You should consider finding different ways to grow closer with your mother. You can do daily activities you both enjoy like cooking together, playing games, biking, walking etc. This way you will still spend quality time with your mom but in a slightly different way. The type of interaction will change the way the two of you connect. And because it wont be so “intimate” it might help you get passed these feelings.

Best wishes,


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