15 mai 2009

I want to talk to other trans people on the internet

Hi! I read about John/Mckayla who was a girl trapped in a boy body. Well It’s the same with me. And I want to talk to persons like him/her. I want to know how are they doing with that problem. So how can I contact with persons like he/she through the internet?

catherine duguay

Hi Ray/Lilly,

Thank you for your question.

I think it’s great that you recognized yourself in John/McKayla’s story, and I think it’s normal to want to speak with others who are experiencing the same things.

Mostly, I would recommend you register to some internet forums and boards for trans youth so you can exchange thoughts and comments with other young people who are going through the same things as you. I did a bit of research before answering your question , and, in Latvia, the only website I found was www.gay.lv, not speaking latvian though, I don’t know if they offer resources for trans youth, but it would be a good place to start your search.

There are also 3 really interesting websites I found for trans-youth, because all three had a lot of info on transitioning, coming out, dealing with school and parents, and, they all had forums and boards with different subjects where you can meet other young people like you.

www.transproud.com is based in the States, so some of the info won’t be relevant to you, but there is still a lot of info on what it means to transition from one gender to another, some definitions and key terms, answers to questions you might have, and, there are a lot of links to other websites about and for trans people, including some that have discussion forums for trans youth. I think it’s worth checking out for that.

Another one is a british site called transyouth; their website is www.transyouth.org and they are part of the queer youth network which is a UK national LGBT youth network, There are a lot of forums, and resources that go beyond the UK, some being in the European Union, although I did not see any in Latvia, there might be some in neighboring countries.

The third is the website for the SALTO YOUTH Network (Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities within the European YOUTH program.) which is part of the European Commission’s Youth in Action Program. You can get to it at http://www.salto-youth.net/InclusionLGBT/ where there’s an awesome page that is all about resources in Europe for trans youth, and you are sure to find some websites with forums and discussion boards for young trans people.

One thing I would like to mention here is a caution about BEING SAFE when you talk to others on internet forums. Over the internet it is really easy to present yourself in any way you want to, which can be great if you want to experiment, but it can also be dangerous. There are people who take advantage of this freedom of expression, especially towards children and youths. Especially if you are all excited to meet other people like you, and to make friends with others who are also experiencing the same thing as you. Do not give out personal info about yourself!!! Don’t give your home address, phone number, cell number, and /or full name. Don’t agree to meet anyone in real time, unless it’s in a public place, and you know you can get away if you need to. There is real violence out there against LGBT youth, and more so, against trans youth; for a lot of people, dressing like another gender than the one you were assigned at birth, it can make them very angry. I’m not trying to scare you, or discourage you about meeting other trans youth, but just to give you a heads up about being smart about disclosing your trans status to others. Some people won’t understand. Some won’t want to even try. And, some will think that this gives them the right to hurt you. I am also mentioning this because you are writing from Latvia, and there is a lot of repression, ignorance, and intolerance against LGBT people still, and the laws won’t protect or defend you if you are assaulted. Just be careful, and use common sense about what you say or do when meeting people online. If you are going to meet people try and see if they will meet you at an LGBT event or meeting place, or make sure to bring a friend or two along as back up.

I hope this answers your question. Have fun exploring who you are.


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