30 septembre 2009

I have a crush on my work colleague who flirts but is already seeing someone.

I have always been dating guys, but somehow I find myself attracted to girls. I think I might be bi. Anyways, there is this girl i just started working with, i didn’t like her at first, but all of a sudden something changed in me and now i have a huge crush on her! She even flirts with me a little. She told me she was dating someone, but I just want to know if she could be interested in me. She even calls me babe a few times. IS she bi or just being flirty?

Rimma Orenman

Hi Pearlina!

Thanks for your question!

First, let me say it’s great that you are sufficiently comfortable with yourself to consider that you may be bi! And having a crush is exhilarating, although it can also be nerve-wracking!

Sounds like your coworker likes you and that you are starting to develop a friendship! Now whether she is bi (or queer) and attracted to you or she is just being friendly I cannot tell. But I would encourage you to explore. Invite her for coffee or lunch. Get to know each other. You may be able to tell from what she says to you about her past whether she is attracted to women and available for dating.

Other than that, it might just take some time, and asking her questions, at first more vague, and finally more definite, to decide whether or not she is interested in you as more than just a friend or workmate. It may be intimidating to directly ask her, but at least then you will know once and for all what her flirtations mean.

Good luck! Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Rimma, for Alterheros.