4 octobre 2005

I am feeling better with my bisexual friends, am I bisexual?

i do not know if i am bisexual all my friends ask me and i say no but even though some of them are i am afraid of answering because i i do not know for sure. what can i do its like that i like being with my girl friends alot and we are always talking about unnatural things but for some reason i feel like i am out of place when i am with my nonbisexual friends but in place when i am with my bisexual friends please help me

sabrina prégent

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for writing to us !

It’s normal to be uncertain about your sexual orientation. There’s no need to rush about it, you can take the time to figure out and you don’t need to choose a way to categorize yourself until you are not ready. Also, if you are questioning yourself about your sexuality and you think you might be bisexual, it’s normal that you prefer hanging out with your queer friends, as they can understand you better and help you with your interrogations. The fact that you love to be with your girl friends and that you feel out of place when you are with your non bisexual friends is totally ok. You can take time with people who makes you feel good. What do you think?

Take the time to explore and let yourself live some experiences that might help you to get to know you better !

Hope this was helpful to you,