28 juin 2006

How do I overcome this fear ?

I have been to this website before, and asked questions before but I just had one more. I am planning on telling my parents about my Transsexuality soon and beginning to live as female. I’ll probably remain pre-operative for about six or seven years or as long as the process takes. I wrote them a letter telling them everything they need to be aware of, and asking for their support. They’ve asked me before about it and said they would be supportive if I was this way, but I am just uncertain of how to do this and I am scared, how do I overcome this fear?

sabrina prégent

Hi Kevin/Victoria,

It is difficult to overcome fears and we need courage to do it. It’s normal to worried about other’s reactions, new steps in our life and about things we don’t know. Moreover, we cannot be sure of which events will happen and it can scare us a lot.

You are about to live important steps of your trans process: your coming-out. Revealing to your family and close friends your real gender identity can be very stressful because you cannot be sure of their reactions. If you are affraid of passing trough this step, some things can help you felling better about it such as finding what exactly make you feeling this way. Is it loved ones’ reactions? Is it because you will not be able to come back after? Is it because you are affraid of the other process’ steps? Then, you will be able to find an appropriate solution to solve your problem. Reading others’ coming-out stories and asking other people you know about this step can help you feel better. Informing yourself about trans process can also help you because you will better know next steps, their difficulties and their advantages.

Having some fears is totally normal as long as you don’t let them stop your progress. I am sure you can find a way that will be convenient for you and your situation.

Sabrina, AlterHeros

P.S. Go to http://transsexual.org/ to have some informations about trans process and coming-out. This a great website that has a lot of informations and sories about others’ trans experiences (live coming-out). It worth you visit it.