Do I have a poor quality of sperm ?

Hi Ben,

Thanks for writing to Alter Heros. I’m glad you decided to get a second advice about this situation that’s been worrying you. I want to start off by reassuring you because the color of your sperm doesn’t determinate your sperm count. Sperm can also have more than one colour. We often hear that the ‘normal’ colour of sperm is white but it ranges from white to even shades of brown. Surprising isn’t it! The colour of your sperm can also change from day to day. So if your sperm is becoming a bit more yellow than usual you shouldn’t worry. I also want to add that if you ever notice different colours in your sperm after ejaculating, that’s normal too. It’s like if all the different liquids in your sperm weren’t well mixed together. I hope you’ll share this answer with your friend so he can know these facts.

Take care


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