Should tell my coworker I like her? She was once my classmate...

Hello everyone,first of all thank you for reading this and it will helpful if you guys give me an honest respond. So i went to college with girl and I had a crush on her since day one I met her , I never thought of talking to her because It wasn’t that serious and I even lost crushing on her for a time , now we put us in the same practicum together we got closer not that much but we talk a lot now and we work together we both in our early 20s I don’t see her everyday. I fell in love with her during our time together, I tried to forget about her because she is my coworker and I don’t want ruin our friendship, but I like her a lot and I want to risk it and tell her

Thanks for reaching out to AlterHéros, I hope this answer will be as good as the ones you’ve looked at!
So first, I think it’s understandable that you’ve developed strong feelings for your coworker, especially since you’ve gotten to know each other better through your time together in college and now at work. Taking the risk and telling her about your feelings can be a difficult decision, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide what feels right for you.

Before making any decisions, it’s important to consider a few things. For instance, you could evaluate the potential consequences of expressing your feelings. Since you work together, there is a possibility that it could affect your professional relationship or create an uncomfortable work environment if things don’t work out as you hope. Also, you can try to think about her feelings and whether she may have similar romantic interests in you. Do you think there has been any signs or indications from her that she may be interested in you romantically?

If you do decide to tell her, it’s important to approach the conversation with honesty and respect. Choose an appropriate time and place where you both can talk openly without distractions. Be prepared for any outcome, including the possibility that she may not feel the same way. If it comes to that, it’s important to be able to handle rejection gracefully and maintain a positive attitude towards your friendship and professional relationship.

Ultimately, the decision to tell her about your feelings is yours to make. Think about the potential risks and benefits, and trust your intuition.

Good luck!
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