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25 May 2021

Is there a surgery to become infertile and get rid of periods for non-binary AFAB people in Ontario?

Is there surgery to become infertile and get rid of periods for nonbinary afab people [in Ontario]? If so how old do you have to be to receive it?





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I believe the surgery you’re thinking of is called hysterectomy, or the removal of the uterus (and sometimes the cervix, fallopian tubes, and ovaries). The operation makes AFAB folx unable to experience pregnancy and periods, a welcomed change for some.


According to the latest Standards of care of the World Profesionnal Association for Transgender Halth (WPATH), having a hysterectomy (like most gender-affirming surgeries) requires to be the age of majority, that is 18 years old in Ontario. 


The standards of care also classifies hysterectomy as a bottom (genital) surgery, meaning that to qualify for it you would need 2 assessments (1 letter from a medical doctor and 1 letter from a mental health professional), as well as a documented gender dysphoria diagnosis. Although in practice, many surgeons do not ask for these letters, as the operation can be done safely for many reasons (excessive bleeding or pain, cramps, etc.)


By the way, hysterectomies are also financially covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIO)!


For more information, I would recommend the following :


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Maxime, peer support agent for AlterHeros

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