#morning after pill
4 September 2018

Is there a possibility that I can be pregnant?


I recently had sorta sexual activity. Like he had a condom on and I humped him and we both orgasmsed. His penis didn’t even go in me , I’m never even been penatrated before anyways, I took a morning after pill the next day to be safe and I got my period after. Is there a possibility that I can be pregnant??

Hey Autumn! First of all thank you for trusting AlterHéros with your question. I totally understand where you are coming from and that is something I for sure experienced when I was younger. First of all the chances that you are pregnant are really low, in fact there are completely negative. Humping is a really fun and safe way to have sex. The chances of transmitting and STI or to get pregnant while humping is very very low. Also, your sexual partner was wearing a condom, that protects you even more from STI’s or pregnancy! 

Here is a useful article on Scarleteen where they show which sexual activities have more risk to get pregnant or get an STI’s from.  

Taking the after-morning pill was a really good move to reduce anxiety and be completely sure that you won’t get pregnant. It is also really courageous of you that you took the necessary steps to take care of yourself!

Again, thanks for sending your question, and do not be shy to send us a question whenever you need ! 

June, AlterHéros Executive Director​