13 November 2019

Is it possible to preserve nipples with top surgery?


My question is for June Pilote or anyone who’s had a top surgery (as in masstectomy).
Is it possible to preserve nipples with top surgery? Is it possible in the public system in Qc?

Hey JellyBelly,  thank you so much for trusting AlterHéros with your question.

I had my mastectomy last August in Montréal, at GRS Clinic, so I can totally answer your questions regarding the procedure. I am not 100% sure that I understand your question, so I will answer in the best that I can.

If you mean “preserve” your nipple, like “can I keep them in a mason jar after?”, the answer is no, your nipple after surgery are biohazards and will be cremated.

If you mean keeping your nipples on your chest after surgery, the answer is yes. Right before the surgery they usually ask you what you want to do with your nipples, you can either “masculinize” them, make them smaller, or keep them as is. It is less common for people to keep their nipple the same size, but it is possible! Just ask your surgeon and be insistent if they refuse.

If you have any follow-up questions, don’t be shy to send it our way.

June, for AlterHéros