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14 July 2020

I would like to speak to a professional from the LGBTQ2+ Community.

I wish to inquire about what kind of services you offer, as I find myself somewhat confused lately as I entered a same gender relationship, and would like to speak to a professional from the LGBTQ2+ Community
Thank you



Dear Maria,

Thank you for writing to us for your question, I’ll try to respond the best I can. As I
understand, you just entered a same gender relationship with someone and you would like
to speak to a professional from the LGBTQ2+ community, so you are asking us what services
are we offering.

AlterHéros is a non-profit community organization, located in Tiohtià:ke, Montreal and our
mission is to foster the development of individuals in relation to their sexual orientation,
gender identity, and sexuality. Our main platform is online, and we work with a team of
volunteers that are LGBTQ+ and/or specialized with LGBTQ+ related issues. We all come from different background, such as social work, sexology, psychology, sociology or medicine, which make our team diverse and complementary in our expertise. The program “Ask Your Question!” is open to
everyone who has a question regarding their orientation, gender identity or sexuality, so if
you want to address us a more specific question please feel comfortable to do so. I understand that experimenting our first same gender relationship can be challenging and can open a big box full of questions, insecurities, and happiness ! You are not alone and one of our volunteer, who had experimented a situation similar as yours, would be glad to answer your question (if it is the kind of support you are looking for). We are here for you !

Also, if you identify as a neurodiverse person, you can have access to some other services
we offer. As you can read on the website: “Neuro/Diversities is a project which creates
space for young, neurodiverse people aged 14 to 30 to discuss their needs and points of
view on the topics of sex education, sexual abuse prevention, safe spaces and acceptance
sexual diversity, gender plurality and neurodiversity”. Most of the participants of the Neuro/Diversities project identify as Autistic, Asperger, or neuroatypical. You can contact us for further information if you like.

If you’d like to have some professional resources, then I can recommend you two sexologists that have a queer and inclusive approach : Gabriel-le Beauregard and Patrice Bécotte. They are both part of the LGBTQ+ community and specialized with those issues. Otherwise, if you want to contact the Lesbian Solidarity Center of Montreal, they offer whether individual or group services for lesbian and bisexual women.

Hope we were able to help you with this. Don’t hesitate to write back if you need so.
I wish you a beautiful day !

Cat, peer support worker for AlterHéros