I am looking for recommendations for a queer-friendly health clinic where I a cis woman can get tested for a variety of sexual health stuff?

I am looking for recommendations for a queer-friendly health rclinic where I a cis woman can get tested for a variety of sexual health stuff, like STI’s and HIV. So far I have only found Actuel Clinic, and was wondering if there wee other clinics in Montreal? 🙂
Thanks a bunch!

Hi M!
Thank you for reaching out to AlterHéros for your question. I understand that you are seeking recommendations to find a queer friendly health clinic where a cisgender woman can get a STI and HIV screening in Montreal. You already found Actuel Clinic and were wondering if there were any others.
First of all, I understand your concerns. Trying to find a sexual health clinic which is sex positive and queer friendly is not always easy. It’s why I would recommend these one, all in the Berri-UQAM area :

  • Actuel Clinic is a good one, but the delay can be long sometimes, especially when you are not a ”man having sex with man”.
  • Quorum Clinic is a new sexual health clinic in Montreal. The staff and services are really queer friendly and you can book an appointment directly on their website if you click on ”Portail Patient
  • Clinique médicale La Licorne is a really small clinic, but the staff is really sweet and sex positive. They are working to improve their services for trans people and AlterHéros has worked with them on that topic. The main doctor is actually in holidays until February, so there is no room for any appointment until middle of February. As Quorum Clinic, you can take an appointment directly on their ”Portail Patient” on their website.
  • Clinique médicale urbaine du Quartier Latin is a bit bigger, but also queer friendly and sex positive. It may be a bit overwhelming to find your ways between the nurse, doctor and receptionist, but the services are quick and of good quality. I had better experience booking an appointment on phone instead of using their online service, but you can try! 🙂

Please note that these clinics will ask you 15$ to send all your blood, urine and throat/anus/vagina Q-Tips samples to the laboratory. You need to have a RAMQ card to use these services.
If you don’t have a RAMQ card, you can try these clinics to get access to a STI and HIV screening. Make sure to call them first to know how much they ask when you don’t any RAMQ card. Even though, I am less familiar with these clinics so I can’t give any comments about their queer or sex positive approaches. Feel free to write me back to give us any feedbacks of your experience! It will help us to give better recommendations for the other queer folks reaching out us.

3401, av. DeLorimier, H2K 3X5, 514-270-6110, option #2
Women with a file at the center or members

407 rue McGill, 9ième étage, H2Y 2G3, 514-787-0055

2034, rue St- Hubert, H2L 3Z5, 514-281-9848
You can also try to call these CLSC :

  • CLSC des Faubourgs, Sainte Catherine

66, rue Ste- Catherine Est, H2X 1K6, 514-527-9565 #3674

  • CLSC des Faubourgs – Site Parthenais

2260 Parthenais, H2K 3T5, Montréal, 514-527-2361
If you have more question or want to discuss something more specific, don’t hesitate to write back! 🙂
I wish you the best, take care!
Guillaume, for AlterHéros

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A social development student at the University of Quebec at Rimouski (UQAR), Guillaume (he/him) is passionate about the representation of sexual diversity and gender plurality in the context of rurality. An activist defending the rights of sex workers and HIV prevention, he also loves to put his toes in the salt water of the sea and spend hours under his blankets every morning.

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