I rubbed my boyfriend's genital from outside his jeans, then he touched my butt and I saw sperm on his jeans, could that cause pregnancy?

My boyfriend was wearing underwear and jeans. I was rubbing his genital with my hand from outside and he barely touched this part except for guiding my hand to the tip (all outside) Then he touched my butt for a minute. Could that cause pregnancy? Nothing came near my vagina and his hand as I saw was clear as I saw but could the sperm swim from the jeans to his hand then to my body???

Charlotte (elle)
Hi Marila,

I want to thank you for reaching out to us; your trust means a lot to me and our team. I understand where your question is coming from, as anything related to pregnancy can be quite stressful. If I understand your situation well, you’re not sure whether you could be pregnant from rubbing your boyfriend’s genitals with your hand from outside his jeans, and him touching your butt during the same encounter.

I also want to reassure you and let you know that the chances that you got pregnant from that kind of sexual activity are extremely slim. In order to get pregnant, sperm has to enter your vagina and go all the way up to your uterus, then to your Fallopian tubes and finally fertilize an egg. Knowing this, there must have been at least sperm on your vulva for you to get pregnant. From what I understood, both of you were dressed up, right? If so, the sperm is not likely to swim through his jeans, to his hand, and then to your body through your own clothes.
However, if you still feel anxious regarding this situation, I can suggest you to take a pregnancy test in order to ease your mind. They are available in most supermarkets and pharmacies!
I hope this answers your question and that it could bring you some peace of mind! Take care of yourself and don’t hesitate to write again if you need to. 🙂
I wish you the best,
Charlotte (she/her), volunteer for AlterHéros