24 March 2004

Why do I need so much emotional comfort?

I haven’t had the best relationship with my parents all my life. Emotionally the most, could this be linked to all the emotional contact that I enjoy so much?

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

I am not a psychologist but, in my opinion, if you feel like something has been lacking in your life, then yes, that may very well be why you enjoy and seek it out in others. There is nothing wrong with looking after your own needs.

However, you may seek out emotional and physical contact from others for various other reasons. It’s difficult to assess based on the information we have, but as long as the emotional and physical contact is reciprocated and consensual, that you and your friends/partners both have something to gain from your relationship, and that you do not depend solely on others for your happiness and fulfillment, I would say that your capacity to create these loving bonds with people can only be a positive thing.