8 September 2002

What Is Homophobia?

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

It is a well known fact that homosexuals are frequently the object of irrational and hateful rejection.  Coined slang terms used to refer to gay men have become so ubiquitous that they are even used as common insults.  But at the root of these insults is a fear
that is known as ‘'homophobia.''

Homophobia can take many forms.  From the simple, mindless violence of the ignorant to verbal condemnations masked with religious righteousness, it boils down to a hatred and denunciation of homosexuality.

What exactly causes this fear and discomfort is different for each person, though the majority of homophobics cite ethics or natural science as their proof.  Personal beliefs aside, there is little more natural, or acceptable to tolerant philosophies than being true to one's self and loving someone whose physical, emotional, and spiritual compatibility makes one happy. 

Adapted from ‘I Am Of Many Colors.  Have Pride
in Them All’  published by Séro Zéro.