10 November 2010

(English) My dad kicked me out because i'm gay and now I get bulliedMy dad kicked me out because i'm gay and now I get bullied

Im gay and coming out was the hardest thing ever and it made my life awful and im not sure what to do anymore i need helpIm gay and coming out was the hardest thing ever and it made my life awful and im not sure what to do anymore i need help


Hmm let’s see first off im 17 GAY. I love love guys, just wish i could be with one. I feel pathetic and desperate for that connection with a guy which i feel will never happen.
Anyways my big ole story where my life fliped upside down. I used to have the best life ever I had so so so many awesome friends I was popular everyone liked me and I was always busy with fun things in life, but there was still a huge hole inside me I wanted to fill. Everyone thought I was straight and it made me depressed not being able to be open and have a boyfriend so I decided to come out slowly to see how things went.
So I’ll begin with this, I used to live with my father in Massachusetts and my stepmom, being secretly gay, so I started talking to some really nice gay guys online looking for advice I guess everyone said coming out made things alot better for them and then I was like fuck it I need to tell someone so I told my sister and she was like woo hoo awesome and I was sooooo relieved so I was like okay now I’ll tell my stepmom told her she was like ohh I love you no matter what yada yada but I told them plz plz plz dont tell anyone else I’m not ready for everyone to know and I don’t wanna lose friends because of it.
So my stepmom calls up her 2 sons my step brothers and tells them during the summer they come home from college/Alaska for the summer and I guess they were at dinner with my dad and stepmom while I was at a friends and 1 of them said something about me being gay and my dad was like wtf my sons a fucking queer? He goes home and throws like all my shit outside and I come home and I’m like wtfff go inside get yelled at repeatedly and I start breaking down crying my stepmom flips out at my dad and all this shit and I took most my stuff and went to a close friends spent a week living there then my father calls my mom and tells her to take me back he doesn’t want me living there so now I’m living back in Florida with my mom. I moved here like a month ago or w/e so I haven’t really enrolled in school because I’ve been flying to California with my mom’s boyfriend and little brother a lot for business and fun and etc. just to do something.
I used to live in Florida during elementary and middle school and during middle school a lot of people loved to hate me and pick on me a lot I fucking hate this town! So that why I moved up to Massachusetts and did 3 years of high school then I came back and went into the highschool and enrolled for my senior year. It sucks starting over again sorta but yah now I’m gay and out :/ Lovely so first day I went to school got a bagel thrown at me actually 6 of them by these red neck assholes. 🙁  Luckily only 1 hit me so I just left the cafe and went into the office to eat lunch alone fun fun!
Next couple days go by and I get these lovely names called at me and stuff and it hurts a lot but w/e, asshole people, what can I do about it. Then these 2 redneck jerks come up to me in the hall and shove me against a locker and I’m like thanks asshole 😡 Shouldn’t have said that. I got knocked out and I don’t remember what all happened after that but yah so my mom took me out of school and now I’m a loner at home all the time and it sucks umm I kinda don’t know what else to say right now so yah that’s basically my story in a nutshell :l buh bye…