1 August 2006

My sex ed teacher says homosexuals came from the devil, what should I say ?

Okay, so in 8th grade we wen’t through the dreaded Sex education class. The lady they hired said she was open for any and all questions after we had spent a week on hetrosexual sex, and relationships. My best friend, who is gay had a question about Him and his boyfriend, because the question had not been brought up, nor even hinted about he raised his hand. He wanted to know what stds were most common with gay couples, and how him and his boyfriend should approach having sex when the time came. She replied that Homosexuals came from the devil and that it was against god to talk about such things. Why did the school see it okay to talk about the same situation with a hetrosexual couple but not a homosexual?

marilyn c.

Dear Keianna,

Thanks for writing us. I understand that you are wondering why your


hired a lady to give sex education class that is openly homophobic

based on

her religious values. You think that it makes no sense that she would

answer questions about heterosexual sex, but not homosexual sex. Well,


are absolutely right to be offended by such conduct, and I hope that

you and

your friends can stick together and bring up the situation to an


figure of your school/community.

I don’t know where you are from, but if you live in North America, it


quite surprising in today’s society that your school would let such


happen. I mean, homosexuality is not illegal or seen as a mental


anymore, and all sexual education programs should not only be open to


questions that students might have about gay sex and relationships, but


should bring up the subject by themselves. If there are still people,


the lady of your sex ed class, who are very religious and believe that

homosexuality is a sin, it is in no way acceptable to openly


their beliefs in a school setting, even less in a sex ed class! Are


school directors aware of what happened ? If not, you could let them


about the homophobic comments of that lady and suggest that they hire

another sex ed teacher who will talk about not only straight sex, but


gay sex. If, however, your director is already aware of the situation


doesn’t do anything about it, or worse, if he agrees with what the lady

said, then you should contact an organization/activist group in your

city/surroundings that defends GLBT rights; I’m sure that they could


you to do something about it and also answer your friend’s questions


safe-sex. You can also talk about it to other adults that are


and ask for their help. Here’s the website for the organization Egale

Canada, which deals with such issues in Canada: http://www.egale.ca/

I hope that helps, don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have other

questions !

Marilyn, for AlterHeros