My peers tease that I am gay – but I don’t think I am!

Hi Peter,

Jorge, a friend of mine ,is heterosexual, even though others often tease him and think he is gay. He is very popular among female friends, as he is charming, affectionate, caring and humorous. What I like about him the most is that he pays attention to details of people’s needs and that he does not impose his will on others. This does not make him gay; rather, it shows his quality as a good person.

He was once confused by his friends’ comments and teasing. Instead of taking them in a negative way, he became curious about his sexual orientation. He learned that being gay means that he is sexually attracted by the same sex, which he found that he is not. Also either being gay, bi or heterosexual is not something to be ashamed of.

Now, here is a question for you: ‘are you sexually attracted by someone of the opposite sex?’ If yes, there is no reason for you to feel all the anxiety, confusion and anger. You know who you are. Your peers like to tease, that’s all. If not, you might take some time to explore the idea of different sexual orientations that make you a unique person among your peers.

Don’t be shy if you have more questions. We will be glad to explore your life together.

Y. for AlterHeros

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