26 October 2008

Poem - Loneliness

This poem is about how lonely you can feel in this world even if your surrounded by others and how others don’t take the time to smile or say hello or give you a hug.



I look around and see the happiness
Young and old walking hand in hand
You see the love in their way of looking at each other
I stand and walk toward the happiness
But as I get close it fades away
Just like the fog lifts when the wind starts blowing
Again I look around but this time I’m alone
This awful feeling comes over me
I want to curl up like a baby in a fetus position
Everything is moving away, leaving this big empty space
Empty space that pulls you into this loneliness
Empty room, cold and dark

How can you feel so lonely when there are so many people around you?
They glance at you for one second, but they don’t have the time to stop
To stop and say a gentle word, to give a smile or just to give a warm hug
Again I look outside, all these people in such a hurry
Where are they going and what are they doing
Why don’t they see the nature surrounding them?
Why don’t they listen to the birds singing in harmony?
Why don’t they stop?
Stop for just one second
Why don’t they take in this energy given to us for free?
So many questions and so few answers

Again I feel this loneliness coming to get me again
I try to block it
I push it away as hard as I can
For a few moments I can feel the happiness
I can almost touch it as I reach out
I can feel it at my finger tips
Then it fades away once more

I turn and walk back to this place I call home
As I look around I see all these things
These things that use to be important to me
The paintings on the wall
Paintings of beautiful flowers and trees
But as I look at them I don’t see the beauty
I see just a plain painting
As I walk from room to room nothing seem in its place anymore
Just as I, Denis
Always feeling out of place, never finding happiness
Never finding love, I’m not asking much out of this life
I look around and once again I’m alone
Loneliness, such a sad word
Such a bad feeling
Again I look around, my heart cries out for help
I look around and there’s no one to hear this cry
Such a simple thing to want in life
Such a simple thing but so hard to find
Life is slowly slipping away, such a sad feeling
As the day go by and become months and years
Such a sad feeling to get used to
Such a sad word « »
Alone again I look around… just to see I’m alone again
Such a sad feeling
Alone again