Late period

Ok so this is going to be TMI, apologizes in advance. My boyfriend and I had protected sex early November. Since then I’ve had two normal periods (heavy flow, horrible cramps the works). But as of now my period is 15 days late! I’ve taken three AHPT all have come back negative. I know stress can throw off your cycle, and with a new job I’ve been pretty darn stressed,and I know there’s probably a very slim chance I’m pregnant. But what’s going on? My period used to be super irregular but the past year it’s been fairly regular.
Hi IrishGeek94,
Thank you for taking the time to write to AlterHéros. If I understand correctly, you are asking yourself why your period is late. The situation is confusing you and you would like to make sense of everything.
To clarify a few things, I have a few questions for you. In your message, you mention that you are under a lot a stress since you recently started a new job. As you mentioned, your stress can have a big impact on your body and it can even have an impact on your regular hormonal cycle.
Since you and your partner are using protection while having sex, your chance of being pregnant is pretty slim. Would you feel more comfortable if you and your partner would be using double protection (example: using a condom and taking the pill)?
It is really important to listen to your body and reflect on your stress. Maybe it would be important to look into different ways to reduce your stress. Sports, yoga, meditation and a variety of activities might help you reduce your stress outside of work. Your wellbeing is the priority. If you are really worried about your health, you can consult a health clinic in your area. If you feel like you’d rather get some professional help to help you manage your stress, this could also be a good option for you. You can also communicate on our discussion groups with the members, and it would be a pleasure for them to support and guide you.
I hope this will help your situation and your questioning.
We thank you for your trust and please don’t hesitate to send us a message if you feel the need to!
Elizabeth, for AlterHéros

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