13 April 2008

Is the color of my sperm normal?

I’m 12 years of age and realized that my sperm is clear not white. Is anything wrong with me?

lauren delrio

Hi Tyler,

Thank you for writing. It sounds like you are concerned about the colour and consistency of your semen, and what is considered normal.

In fact, there is a pretty wide range when it comes to “normal” semen colour and consistency. Clear and white are both absolutely normal colours, since the exact colour can depend on lots of factors within your body as well as external factors, such as what you have eaten.

Even a slight yellowish tinge is normal, since that just means that there was some urine left in the urethra that got mixed with the semen, but a very yellow colour could be an infection. If your semen is a colour very different from that, such as green or brown, it could be a sign of an infection, and seeing a doctor is recommended. Yellow or green semen could be a sign of the STI (sexually transmitted infection) gonorrhea.

As far as consistency, what is considered « normal » varies about as much as it does with colour. Some men have more watery semen, and for others it is thicker. Often, if you have ejaculated a lot, the consistency will be more runny, and conversely if it has been a while since your last ejaculation, the consistency will be thicker; however, this really depends on the individual. Consistency can vary greatly, and colour is usually the easier way to tell if something is wrong.

If you are ever worried about your semen’s colour or consistency, you can always go see a doctor. Please don’t hesitate to write back if you have any other questions.

Good luck!

Lauren, for AlterHeros