Is it wrong to have sex at my age ?

how to make my first time sex with my bf not so pain ?? is it wrong to try it at this age??

Hi Catherine !
Thanks for your questions.
For the first : “first time with not so pain”, the best thing to do is to relax, to try it slowly… the more you are nervous, the more possibilities you get to have pain ! Use, each time you have a sexual relationship, a preservative, and add lubricant for a better comfort. Also, you can begin it slowly, by hugging each other, kissing, and petting… you can also try masturbate each other before having a “complete” sexual relationship. It may be better to know the body of each other (and each other knowing his own body…) before having a sexual relation with penetration.
For the second part of the question ; “is it wrong to try it at this age”, that depends of the culture you live in… for North americans, pre-marital sex is generally accepted, and the average age for the first sexual relation is 15-16. But, in your culture, do women can have sex without being married ? Can you be legally punished ?
Generally, there is no physical or psychological restriction to have sex at 16 years old. If you feel you are ready, if this is really what you want and there is no pressure from your boyfriend, you can go ahead !
Thanks for writing us,
François, for AlterHeros

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