#Jeunesse Lambda
15 July 2003

I would like to join a support group, but I'm nervous ! What can i do?

I would like to join a support group but i always feel very nervous. What can i do?

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

Hi Sarah.

Thanks for your question. I am going to try to answer it the best that I can.

You wrote that you would like to join a support group but you always feel nervous about the idea and, if I understand correctly, this “fear” prevents you from attending the group meetings.

If you need to relax a little, I may give you a few clues…

Try to find out how the meetings are usually conducted, get detailed information about what goes on during a support group meeting, like the one(s) you plan to attend. I’m sure you can get information on the group/association’s web site(s). This way, you won’t be too surprised when you actually attend one. Knowing what is theoretically going to happen will give you more confidence. But maybe, the best thing for you to do is to develop some self-confidence and to get in touch with one or some of the adminstrators and/or coordinators of the group sessions at the association(s) you’re considering to attend. Have you tried to send them an e mail or to call them to introduce yourself ? Even better, if you can get the chance to meet one of these workers before the “dreaded” day of the group meeting, you will develop some more confidence and you might even start to look forward to it all.

But, I would say, the most important, despite what I’ve previously said, is to trust yourself. Keep telling yourself that you have the strength to do it. It is often scary when one is in an unfamiliar situation, place, or faced with something new. Attending a group session/meeting once, several times or regularly, meeting young people, people who share or have shared similar experiences, will provide a learning experience and will help you grow. But nothing will make you become something or someone you don’t want to be. Attending youth group meetings is one of the best things I can suggest ! A lot of fun, emotions, and new friendships are awaiting you. Since you feel the need to do it, it means you have the will to do it (attending such meetings…).

And if you have the will, then you have the strength… Trust me and, most important, trust yourself.

As for myself, three years ago, I went for the first time to Jeunesse Lambda… The people that I met there helped shape the person that I am today. People who are still my friends ! I never knew, when I first went there, that I would  become a volunteer for the  group and then slowly end up being responsible for running the activities there… I’m not telling you that you’re going to become a volunteer too, but joining a group will give you strength to continue on your own way.

Thanks for visiting AlterHeros. I hope my answer helps. If you have any other question(s), don’t hesitate to contact us.  And if you have a chance, write back to us and let us know how the meeting went if you did attend it. Take care and relax!


Jeunesse Lambda