18 February 2006

I want breast implants, is this vain or necessary ?

I am a transsexual who is considering getting breast implants because I dont feel feminine. I had to take out a $5000 loan to have this done. am I vain or is this necessarry

Julie-Maude Beauchesne

Hi Claudia !

Your situation is comprehensible. It is important to understand that there is a gap between getting a breast implant because you don’t like your breasts and getting a breast implant because you want to feel like a women.

Although breasts are very important for many people, I don’t think that this part of the human body defines that one can feel feminine or not, neither any other human body part. Feminity is in the head, not in the body. It starts from the head and goes all over your body.

It happens that trans women thinks that after doing many surgeries, they will feel more feminine or more female. It’s an error. If you don’t feel your feminity from the interior from the beginning, it is not the exterior changes that will give it to you.So, you must think about some important question before paying an important amount of money for breast implants :

1- Hormones can give you small breasts, so it’s an idea to wait to see the effects of the hormones before paying for a surgery. By themselves, hormones can give interessant results. And small breasts can be as sexy as big ones…

2- Is it a sexual fantasy to have big breasts ?

3- Is it to feel good about yourself ? To your want to me more secure about yourself ? More self-confidence ? Is it to attract of keep a sexual partner / lover ?

Once you have asked yourself those questions, and you know what represents a breast surgery for you, if it is really what you want most, why not ? If your new breasts would make you feel better about your body, go ahead ! And good luck !

Julie-Maude, for AlterHeros.