28 March 2006

I find girls attractive, but I don't want a relationship with them. Am I bi ?

So, I’m not sure. I like guys. I LOVE guys. But, I’d like to try stuff with girls. I don’t know if this makes me bi, I doubt it does. But I just really.. REALLY wanna know. Yes, I find them attractive, but I wouldn’t consider one to be a grilfriend. Does this make me straight, bi, curious, or questioning?
Thanks for your time.

François Paquette

Hi “This girl” !

Thanks for your question. Only you can answer to the question “Who am I ?”, but here are some clues :

You seem to be sure that you are attracted to guys. And, physically, you have an attraction for girls, but you don’t want a girlfriend. So… with what you are saying, you seem to be sexually attracted to men an women, so sexually bisexual, but emotionnaly heterosexual. But, this can evolve in your life : maybe at some point your attraction for girls will disappear. Maybe, once you will have try having a sexual relation with a girl, you will be more able to clarify this question.

Hope that helped,

François, for AlterHeros