15 June 2005

I do not know if I'm bi

Hi I’m 15 I have kissed a lot of guys and girls, I have gone out with some but I do not know if I’m bi or just asking myself what would it be like. Please help me with this Question.

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

Hi Patrick, you bring up a good question, just because you kiss or go out with guys doesn’t mean your gay or bi. You may just be trying it out to see what you like, as you said in your question. I have to say that you are lucky to live in an environment that gives you a chance to do that. Most guys your age wouldn’t dare try to experiment; because they would worry they could be judged by their friends or would be harassed at school.

Firstly, sexuality is something that’s fluid it can change all the time during the course of your life. How you choose to live your sexuality is your choice, some gay men because of where they live, their religion or their beliefs; choose to never live their homosexuality, often these men get married to the opposite sex and have children. These men hide their sexuality during their whole life and some will have secret male sexual partners.

Your true sexuality is the one that you feel deep inside of yourself, it’s the sexual, physical and emotional feelings you have for another person whether they are male or female. True it is easier to categorize sexuality as heterosexual, bi-sexual or homosexual, but the reality of human sexuality is that people live between these categories. Actually some people refuse to categorize their sexuality and say; I am unique, when I meet the right person I will fall in love and have a relationship.

So live happy within yourself, do what you feel is right for you, and surround yourself with good, not judgmental friends, who like you for you. Your sexual orientation and preferences is your personal choice.

AlterHeros Team