20 September 2005

I can't stop thinking of a friend. I Think I might be bisexual !

hi my name is Vanessa
i think i might be bisexual i can’t stop thinking of my friend she aint bi she aint into that i need some help because i also like a guy but i almost never see him i dont know whats wrong with me i don’t really like these feelings i think i started to feel this feeling when my both sisters got beat by there boyfriends and husband and they already have kids and i feel that you suppose to treat a girl or women with respect and i feel that me as a girl can make a girl feel very special chubby or thin see and i feel that i will sometimes be a better person than the both guys and am a young girl i like guys but i think i got a thing for girls to i really need help to know what i am i know i am romantic every one has told me that i like to write poems i even wrote one to that friend and i guess shes the only one who doesn’t understand it it was so nice i even wrote a poem to the guy. the one i wrote to my friend was:
your eyes are so brite they lite up my heart. every time you pass by all i hear is a harp. you and my friends you are the best. your a friend i can depend on i even i dedicated a song. to help you what i feel inside. that’s all i can say there are no words i can explain to you anymore.
so that was my poem please help me please please please…. i really need your help to see what i am.

sabrina prégent

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for your question.

You are the only one who know what you are, but you seem to like your friend a lot. For the moment, it seems to be more than a friend to you, it’s clear. You know Vanessa, it’s normal asking yourself about your sexual orientation, but it doesn’t mean that is not tough. Sincerely, it is a hard time of your life because it can be long and complicated. I think the first thing to do is to clear your feelings, all your feelings. For the question of what you are, if you like only boys, you’ might be heterosexual. If you like only women, you probably are lesbian. If you like both, or if sometime you’re in love with a boy and sometime with a girl, there is a lot of chance that you are bisexual. You understand? You are the only one that can define yourself !

I know, the big problem is to be sure if you like boys, girls or both, but you are the only one that have the answer. Take your time. Often during adolescence, you can be confused, and it can be more clear when you’re older. There’s no rush ! Enjoy and explore !

I hope it helps you! Don’t hesitate of writing to us again.

AlterHeros team.