#best friend
4 June 2017

Have I fell in love with my best friend?

Recently I’ve come out as bisexual yet I am still questioning my gender identity. A few days ago I had a conversation with my best friend about sex, and now I am thinking about her as a partner. What does this mean?


A little disclaimer before we start: Sorry for my bad English!
I may have spelling mistakes because English is not my mother language.
So I have a female friend, and I think I have feelings for her. Let’s name her Tina… I know Tina since I was almost in kindergarten and she is the best friend I’ve ever had and could ever wish for.
A while ago Tina had a sleepover in my house and when we were about to fall asleep she told me she was pansexual. I said it was ok and that I support her no matter what and then she said she liked me. At first I thought I had misheard that because I was extremely sleepy so I asked her what she had said and she said it was nothing.
Then for months nothing happened and one day at school she told me she liked this boy in her sport class, so I felt really relieved and happy for her.
But recently she started to talk to me about masturbation. That’s not really common for her, because she is kinda shy. But she has already brought the topic about 4 times now. And I have started to think about her in a more than a friend kind of way. I don’t know if its just sexual desire or if I am willing to be in a relationship with her: neither I know her intentions. But I have already imagined me having sex with Tina and I am afraid I am developing feelings for her. This could completely destroy our friendship. I just don’t know what to do. Should I confess to her? I don’t want to hurt her feelings… I don’t know if this is just a stupid sexual fantasy or what.