19 September 2002


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  • Depression is a mood disorder marked by low spirits, which can affect someone for two weeks, a couple of years or be a chronic condition. This illness is a direct result of a chemical imbalance between serotonin and norpherine, both of which are located in the brain. These chemicals are the transmitters of electrical impulses from one neuron to another. When they are improperly balanced the transmissions do not occur properly, leading to depression or other possible illnesses. It is not uncommon for most people to suffer from bouts of depression at some time in their lives. However, it becomes a medical problem when it dominates one’s thoughts, interferes with one’s ability to cope with the ordinary demands of daily life, and continues on for any length of time. It can even pose some danger if allowed to run its course untreated, because all cases can lead to suicidal thoughts. Through medical treatments and non-medical therapy, depression can be brought under control.

Symptoms (At least several at once):

  • Passive death wish or suicidal thoughts or behaviour
  • Lack of energy and extreme fatigue
  • Disordered sleep (insomnia or prolonged sleep duration)
  • Withdrawal from social activities
  • Excessive guilt, feelings of worthlessness and/or loss of self-esteem
  • Loss of interest in food or conversely, increased intake of food
  • Nervousness or unnatural slowness
  • Decreased ability to think or concentrate
  • Loss of pleasure in previously enjoyable activities


  • Depression is treated according to its severity. Mild depression can often be treated solely through non-drug related therapy, whereas more severe depression can be controlled with anti-depressant drug therapy. Having someone who has or had previously gone through depression to confide in can be the biggest comfort for most. Anyone experiencing depression needs to talk with family and friends and ensure they understand their condition. They need their family’s complete support and compassion.

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