10 May 2002


Biphobia 101

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

Inspired by some of the things I read on the site at Mogenic, I decided it was about time for me to add my three-pence worth and air my thoughts on the
issues that are important to me and largely uncovered.Bisexuality in general (especially in youth culture) is largely undocumented, apart from female bisexuality playing a heavy role in 15 year-old heterosexual boys’ wet dreams.

Bisexuality is often considered a drunken moment of madness, a bit of a joke, or, at it’s worst, a fashion statement; something which can be infuriating to say the least. Bisexual girls probably bear the brunt of this, as it is often seen as a porno fantasy, a playful experiment rather than a concrete sexuality as it may have been branded for guys. I, for one, am seldom accepted into a understanding heterosexual world as a bisexual: my mother told me I was “confused” and “in a phase” (which is her way of denying it, I suppose) and some of my friends, I found recently, think it’s all a façade and that I’m immature in trying to shock, trying to get sexual kicks from being kinky and getting old men excited. The reality is none of this, of course – I was born bisexual and don’t try and justify myself sexually to anyone – I don’t flaunt nor hide my sexuality as it is a part of life, not a way of life; just like the colour of my eyes are.

The straight community often lump bisexuals into the “queer” category and forget about them and then the gay community equally push us into the “fence-sitting, undecided, sensationalist disease spreaders” (sic). Though not the attitude of all, it is of a significant number – this bi-phobia has been said to be due to lack of bi-visibility, bisexuality as a fashion statement (it having been experimented with by debutantes of the 1920s and 30s, glam rockers of the 1970s and said to be coming back with a new trend called “Bi-Try” in 2000), but I suppose there is little to be done, apart from writing articles like this, to improve the situation. Bisexuality has been rife since the time of Plato (keeping younger boys as students and objects of lust – only making love through the thighs thus never penetrating: there’s a fact for your history teacher) and even before then, through to some of the greatest actors, writers, painters and political figures in history.

There are lots of articles and books you could read (if you have a zillion dollars, that is) to tell you about the psychology, the politics, the history and so on and so forth, but the fact is this – I am bisexual. Bisexuality is being attracted (though not necessarily equally) to more than one gender. It is a perfectly credible lifestyle. I wish everyone would let me get on with it….

I’ll no doubt clarify and modify my philosophies, including my disagreement on some notions of bi-romanticism (though I am a bit of a romantic myself and I do hate the preconceived notion that all bisexuals go at it like rabbits and are 100% horny… but that’s another story) and then there’s the difference between bisexual, bi-sexual, bicurious… the list goes on.

If you want to get any more info or links or anything, mail me!. Hope this has given some food for thought.

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